Video Examples

When we create your video strategy blueprint, we'll plan a range of content to engage with potential customers at each stage of the sales funnel. Here are a just a few examples of our previous productions.


We've been working with Arriva for a number of years now, and over that time we've worked on some really fun video content.

The message in this production was simple - to say thanks to their customers.

Armed with fifty £10 notes and a number of hidden cameras, here's what we did. The resulting video was a phenomenal success across all of their social channels.


Manomasa, who create and produce an eclectic range of tortilla chip flavours, required social content to demonstrate the versatility of their products and the delicious tortilla based dishes that can be created at home.

From a tomatillo pizza to a chargrilled Pineapple and Arbollé salsa, the videos created through their FilmBeat subscription have been collectively viewed over 50,000 times on social.

Check them out – you’ll never just serve tortilla chips with salsa again!

Gateshead Council

Following extensive research, Gateshead Council recognised that a new approach was required to engage with potential foster carers in the region.

Their ‘Follow My Story’ campaign was the approach taken, with social and online video content required to support it.

Using their FilmBeat subscription, each testimonial was posted across YouTube, Facebook and LinkedIn and supported by an optimised execution strategy. The campaign has achieved significantly greater levels of engagement than previously achieved.


Due to the negativity that surrounds Debt Collection, the Credit Services Association (CSA) work hard to mitigate scepticism within this sector.

By creating regular video content, they’re working to dispel the myths that may exist and acknowledge concerns in an engaging and easy to understand manner.

With their FilmBeat subscription, the CSA are engaging with their user base in different ways every single month via Facebook, Youtube and their website.

The Smile Spa

Whereas The Smile Spa have advertised on TV and outdoor for many years, they had not explored creating content for social.

Through testimonials with real patients, their social campaign highlighted not just the positive experience of the treatment but also the dramatic impact those treatments have since had on these patients’ day to day lives.

The campaign has been very well received with a significant upturn in new registrations as a result.

Swinburne Maddison

Prior to any content being created, a thorough SEO keyword analysis was performed to ensure that the videos produced addressed areas that members of the public were searching for.

Swinburne Maddison now have a suite of videos, each focusing on a key area of their offering, delivered by their very own lawyers.

The content sits across social media and their website, with complex legal messages distilled into engaging and easy to understand bite-size pieces.

Go North-West

As part of their customer engagement strategy, Go North West wanted to create a series of social videos designed to highlight the positive nature of their team and they’re willingness to innovate and improve.

Using the FilmBeat package, Go North West have mapped out a 12-month video marketing strategy, planned around key events. The level of engagement with the content has been fantastic so far, creating a real feel good factor around the brand.

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